My name is Lisa and Tangled is my favourite movie of all time. Its got everything from romance to action to comedy even to drama. Plus it made me cry like a BABY haha.

Plus I find Eugene Fitzherbert to be very attractive AND I love Rapunzel too she is amazing.

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10/10 goes to Tangled.

My favourite scene is the lantern scene.

Also I will be posting other things too that I love as I love Spiderman(especially the new one),Enchanted,and I like Frozen too.
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Smoulder level: Eugene Fitzherbert

Please don’t tell me that I see the similarities between Levi and Eugene? Cause they are So similar. Same hair colour,same eye colour,same face shape,same height etc. Its like Zachary was IN the film in CGI form wearing a wig and a goatee.


Smoulder level: Eugene Fitzherbert

Please don’t tell me that I see the similarities between Levi and Eugene? Cause they are So similar. Same hair colour,same eye colour,same face shape,same height etc. Its like Zachary was IN the film in CGI form wearing a wig and a goatee.

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Tangled is one of favorite movies! I absolutely love this movie!

#watched Tangled last night for the 53rd time on DVD 30/9/14

I have it on DVD twice,as my movie to go and I have it on VHS. So yes Tangled is in my opinion the best Disney movie ever made since Beauty & the Beast and The Lion King.

Watched Tangled on DVD for the 53rd time last night

So you probably know that Tangled is my favourite movie ever but here are a few things that bug me out

  1. The pacing for the film is REALLY too quick. One minute Rapunzel is in her tower,the next she falls for Eugene,then Eugene dies and that’s it. I sometimes wish that the film would slow itself down in order for us to take all of it in.
  2. WHY does it not say at the ending credits BASED ON RAPUNZEL by the Brother Grimns!?!?!. It always says in the Disney fairytales especially what the film is based on.
  3. How did Eugene know that Rapunzel was the long lost princess. My theory is that he probably saw the mosaic,then he confronted the stabbington brother about the old lady(Gothel) and put two and two together.

Overall though I fucking love it so much.  Does anyone else find these 3 annoying too in Tangled.

The Scarecrow 1999 Review-underrated film

Ok so I may have done this before but I seen the movie 2 days ago and decided to do a review on it. So on to it then.

The Scarecrow is a 1999 Warner Bros Animated film that’s directed by Richard Rich and Brian Nissan who also did The Swan Princess a few years before this came out.

So what is it about well lets find out. The movie opens with a witch called Bree who magically brings a scarecrow to life by a feather.She teaches him to dance and she becomes close with him. Of course she was also was a dance teacher herself and when Grismham(Ray Porter) found out she was a witch as he conquered a love dance spell that can make any woman love him,she leaves town for good. So meanwhile we meet a girl called Polly who hides her savings from Grimsham where the scarecrow is and she admits to the scarecrow that she loves him,and of course he falls in love with her.But when Polly’s money isn’t safe anymore where the scarecrow is he decides to go into town with Max(Cory Feldman) who thinks the scarecrow is nuts)to give the money back to her. But when he gets caught out by one of the men working at the orphange where she lives he does a runner and ask Bree to turn him into a human(basically she left a message for him and he dials a number for the wish to come true). So she explains to him to wear this magic feather on his hat and voila he turns into a  human.

But there is a catch you see as he can see his real self in the reflection of a mirror and in order for him to convince people that he is a human(even though its an illusion) he has to avoid mirrors or anything that can show his reflection. So he goes by the name Feathertop(who looks like a cross between Dimtri and Aladdin and tries to win Polly money. Of course Polly meets Feathertop and he teaches her how to dance. She asks him to be her partner for the dance and he agrees. The two alter fall in love and they win the completion. But when Grismham finds out that Feathertop is the scarecrow he ties him up on a tree and pretends to be Feathertop as the real Feathertop asked Polly to marry him and she accepted(yeah I feel Stockholm Syndrome approaching in this movie). And Grimsham wears the magic feather too look like Feathtertop. So when Max(Scarecrows mouse buddy) gives the scarecrow back his enchanted feather,he admits to Scarecrow that its all over as Polly has what she wanted now. Heartbroken he walks away. But later he saves Polly’s life as the bridge collasped by Grimsham who wanted his henchmen to destroy the bridge so that Polly won’t escape and so Feathertop tries to keep the bridge from not collapsing,it does however and he is unconscious.Miraculously he comes around Feathertop and he is brought up to safety. He explains to Polly that he can’t be with her anymore and walks off(even though he has no idea that he is a real human now because the spell would be permanent if he sacrificed himself for another and he did the deed and thus making him human). Polly says to him that he forgot his feather, he takes off the hat,runs back to Polly and the two kiss. And so they live happily ever after by dancing in the village.

Overall what did I think of this movie. … well even though its a pure Disney rip off but for some odd reason I found myself enjoying this movie. Think of it as Beauty & The Beast meets Pinochino and you get this flick.

The songs were nice I like Come On Come All,When She Looks At Me and of course the love ballad In Your Arms,which was very nice. The animation is nice,its like the Swan Princess’s style of animation,and the villian is sorta mediocre as all he wants is Polly for himself and she doesn’t want him AT ALL(yeah his a rip off of Gaston meets Kevin Spacey’s love child).

Overall if you haven’t seen it then check it out on Youtube. I will give you the link to it in a separate post and you can check it out for yourselves.

Overall its a 7 out of 10 for me and out of 5 stars a 3.

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love-and-lemurs asked: make me choose → the best kiss: Eugene & Rapunzel Kristoff & AnnaTiana & Naveen

Rapunzel and Eugene remind me A LOT about me and my true love.  and seeing them makes me so happy because I see us.  UHM I’m sorry for like my icky details but that’s why I choose Rapunzel and Eugene :)

Gotta love this movie and this couple. 

Team Tangled and Rugene all the way.