My name is Lisa and Tangled is my favourite movie of all time. Its got everything from romance to action to comedy even to drama. Plus it made me cry like a BABY haha.

Plus I find Eugene Fitzherbert to be very attractive AND I love Rapunzel too she is amazing.

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10/10 goes to Tangled.

My favourite scene is the lantern scene.

Also I will be posting other things too that I love as I love Spiderman(especially the new one),Enchanted,and I like Frozen too.
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wow tangled is so much better than frozen

Yup Tangled is a beautiful visually stunning masterpiece and the best Disney movie since Beauty & The Beast in my opinion. 

Frozen ws good too but not a patch on Tangled.

Tangled: 10/10

Frozen: 8/10

Heck in IMDB Tangled is 7.9/10,whereas Frozen is 7.8 out of 10.

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When I was at Disneyland a few weeks ago, I found out that there was going to be a sequel to “Tangled”. But because they wanted Rapunzel to have long hair again and because that goes against everything that happened at the end of the movie and they couldn’t figure out a way for it to work, they scrapped the idea entirely.

I am so mad.

Just leave her hair short!

Actually there was a sequel to Tangled called Tangled Ever After which was a 6 minute short about Rapunzel marrying Eugene.

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And for every moment after

Okay, I need to talk with you…

I actually think it’s just a coincidence


Seriously this was made into a live action episode in OUAT and we NEVER had a live  episode for Tangled. WHAT THE FUCK