My name is Lisa and Tangled is my favourite movie of all time. Its got everything from romance to action to comedy even to drama. Plus it made me cry like a BABY haha.

Plus I find Eugene Fitzherbert to be very attractive AND I love Rapunzel too she is amazing.

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10/10 goes to Tangled.

My favourite scene is the lantern scene.
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5 Disney Film Meme

Saddest Scene — Flynn’s death

Even though The Lion King made me cry too(who can’t forget Mufassa’s own brother throwing him off a cliff),but Tangled MAN this movie shocked me as I thought it was gonna be a rip off or a parody. But boy was I wrong. Turns out that this gem is NOW my all time favourite movie(come on i’ve been a fan of Mandy Moore’s since 1999,and Zachary Levi since 2011 as I never heard of this dude before,well I did see him in Big Mommas House II as Kevin at my cousins house but I had NO idea who he was)and I just love the story and everything else that made this film a masterpiece(yes I admit it im not brainwashed or whatever,but this film IS A masterpiece and WAS snobbed at awards FUCK THE AWARDS ,YES im looking at you the Academy Award and The Golden Globes).

Overall I will forever love this movie. It had me smiling,laughing and crying like a complete eejit.